Adams’ ‘Myths and Lies’ explores beauty, gender and desire – Buffalo News

A new series of paintings by the prolific Buffalo artist Bruce Adams will go on view Sunday in Niagara University’s Castellani Art Museum. The show, titled “Myths and Lies,” takes ancient mythology as its jumping off point in a wide-ranging consideration of the evolving standards of beauty, gender performance and the various clever guises of sexual desire (of which painting is one).

The work, at least in part, deals with the lies artists and others tell themselves about their subject matter and even their own desires. Adams seems to suggest that one reason the classic or mythological nude endures as a subject probably has at least as much to do with the human libido as it does with the intellect. He described the paintings in a press release as “disjointed narratives that exist somewhere between the sacred and profane; the mystical and the comical and the historical and the new.”

The exhibition opens with a reception at 2 p.m. Sunday and runs through June 29. Call 287-8200 or visit

– Colin Dabkowski