Albright-Knox Art Gallery: Expect the unexpected at Buffalo's world class contemporary art museum.
Artdogspot: This website describes itself as such: View curated media works, artist profiles, interviews, articles on related topics and more. As I write this, the website is so new that I don't know much about it. So why the link? Because it's the brainchild of Ellen Ryan, who I respect, and I am featured in a video interview which you can see if you clickhere.
Big Orbit Gallery: Serving the art and artists of Western New York since 1991. Funky space lately featuring installation art, but anything is possible.
Buffalo Spree: Buffalo's very own magazine covering a wide range of news and events as well as a variety of items of general interest. I highly recommend it for all Western New Yorkers.
Buffalo Spree blog: All the latest about Buffalo and beyond. I write for this now and then.
Burchfield-Penney Art Center: The new $33-million dollar BPAC is a sight to behold. It's the first new museum to be built in Buffalo in over 100 years, and it was worth the wait.
Carnegie Art Center: The little gallery that could. Deep in the heart of North Tonawanda, this small space has a reputation of late for mounting some very ambitious and interesting exhibitions.
Center For Inquiry: A Global Federation Committed to Science, Reason, Free Inquiry, Secularism, and Planetary Ethics. I have long been a proponent of rational thinking and skepticism toward extraordinary claims. Turns out the world wide center for these things is located in Amherst NY (suburb of Buffalo). This is also the home of theSecular Council for Humanism.
CEPA Gallery: The art of Photography. A nationally recognized center of art related to photography.
GhostPrint Gallery: A gallery in Richmond VA where I exhibited.
Hallwalls: Buffalo's premier internationally noted contemporary arts center, an exceptional alternative space, which I have been involved in many capacities over the years. Why not become a member?
Hallwalls' link page: Many links to other artists, publications, and other resources.
HOTF-TV: It stands for Home of the Future TV. My friend Richard Wicka operates this network of TV shows and related websites.
NYFA MARK Alumni artist registry: Members of the NYFA mark program have their work online here.
Saatchi Inline: An inline slide file in which artists are like a needle in a haystack. But it's a place to see lots of art submitted by the artists themselves.
Starlight Studio and gallery: Site of my Divine Beauty installation, this is a resource for people with learning disabilities. The work done here by the attending artists is often stunning, and always fascinating.
UB Anderson Gallery: Site of my 2007 survey exhibition, and one of the finest exhibition spaces anywhere.
UB Art Gallery: On the University of Buffalo Campus. Contemporary art of the cutting edge sort.