I’m not a writer by nature, which is probably why I keep doing it. Mostly I write art criticism, but I have dabbled in many interests.


Education Op-Ed/Test wars: the resistance builds-Buffalo Spree-September, 2015

Dada Redux: Michael Beam at Big Orbit Gallery-Public-Nov. 18, 2014

Education Op-Ed: Predictable outcome: Buffalo’s board of education-Buffalo Spree-September, 2014

Education 2012 An educator’s recipe for fixing schools – Buffalo Spree – September 2012

Education 101: A case study in seniority—and burn-out
One in a series of education articles

Q&A/Darwin, Michael Hawley, and God: BFF
Book review/interview

Education 101: The Myth of Good Teacher / Bad Teacher
One in a series of articles on education

A dog tale: A true story of dumb stunts, doggie downers, and true devotion, Buffalo Spree, October 2010
This is about a dog I once owned.

Education 101: The Education Mill, Buffalo Spree September, 2010
One in a series of articles on education

Defensive Buffalo, Buffalo Spree, June 2010
About being a Buffalonian

Rank matters: The dubious business of school ranking, Buffalo Spree, September 09
One in a series of articles on education

The Saga of an Urban Oasis, Buffalo Spree, April 05: The history of my garden.

Music People: Dave Goddard, Singing Mailman, Buffalo Spree, May, 05 An interview with one of my favorite local singer/ songwriters.

Music People: Gary Storm, Buffalo Spree, May/June, 05 Another interview, this time with a former Buffalo progressive radio DJ.

My View: City’s new garbage rules may trigger a crime spree, Buffalo News

The Real Ghostbusters An interview with two investigators at the center for Inquiry.

Cool Stuff: Good Swordsmanship In which I talk about the sport of fencing.

Drastic Setback—or Fitness Opportunity? May/June 05

Hold it right there. Don’t start that post-holiday-season diet just yet! December 04

Back Where I started, March 05

Bottoms Up, April 05

Holidays – The Horror, December, 04