On View / Squeaky Wheel @ BPAC-December 2015

Who is David Moog, and why is he shooting artists?- June 2015

On View: Art that goes to your head-January 2015

WNY Women 2014: Jamie Doktor- November 2014

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Auerbach: An artist’s journey in three acts – May 2014

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Bigger! Better! Beyond-er!

Behind the scenes at WNY’s ever-expanding biennial, September 2010

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Charles Burchfield: An American Modernist revealed, March 2010

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July/August 2009

When critics collide

The Albright-Knox looks back at American abstraction’s tempestuous heyday, January/February, 2008

Germ Warfare: How artist Steve Kurtz became the target of weapons of mass distortion. July/August, 2008

Critical response: Navigating treacherous artistic waters with a pencil and a grin. Jan/Feb 2008

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State of the Art, September 2007

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Bodies in Mind July, August 2004

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