Ghostprint Gallery showing “Tattooed Women”, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Nov 18, 2010

Ghostprint Gallery in downtown Richmond is showing “Tattooed Women,” a series of nude portraits featuring women with extensive tattooing.

The artist, New York-based painter Bruce Adams, began the paintings in the early’90s before tattooing exploded in popularity, said gallery co-owner Geraldine Duskin.

“Tattooed women were a subculture rather than part of the mainstream,” she said. “Their concept of themselves and female beauty is unique. Each of these women is very much her own person.”

She added, “It’s unusual to see the subject treated in such a painterly and serious style,” noting that images of women in tattoo-related magazines are often highly sexualized.

The gallery shows tattoo-related art every year in conjunction with the Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival, which runs tomorrow through Sunday.

The exhibition runs through Nov. 24 at 220 W. Broad St. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 6 p.m.

For details, call (804) 344-1557 or visit — Jo Lord