Fish and Bicycle

Complete Series

“A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle:”

– Irina Dunn.

I was inspired to paint this series of 30″ x 22″ works in oil on paper roughly the same time I was working on the larger Tattooed Women series. All are dated 1998.his witticism about men and women is often erroneously attributed to Gloria Steinem. 

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

The Fish and Bicycle series employs a similar strategy as my Men at Work series. This time the subject matter includes both men and women (exhibited in pairs) representing a range of gender identities. The title is derived from Irina Dunn’s witty statement (often erroneously attributed to Gloria Steinem), “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” The metaphoric use of a variety of bicycles and fish add layers – figuratively and literally – to the complex relationship between the figures when viewed collectively.
These works examine the nature of masculinity and femininity in a society where an all-pervasive concept of beauty and power permeates popular culture and art in ways that create self-perpetuating societal myths. With these paintings I beg the question: “Just what is male and female?”