Miscellaneous Work and Projects

Selected Works

These one-of-a-kind pieces don’t fit neatly into a series or category.

From Painted People....

These three works might or might not become a series. Two of them grew out of my Paintings of Pictures of People with Paintings series, but essentially they are experiments in combining images metaphorically to evoke viewer responses. I like the political commentary that’s developing, and it has inspired me to do another series of small works I intend to title “The History of America,” comprised of portraits of all the US Presidents (possibly ending with Hillary Clinton.

Labor Matters

The following images are of a triptych mural titled “Labor Matters” that was commissioned for “Art on Wheels,” a city wide summer-long exhibition of public art sponsored by the Burchfield-Penney Art Center relating to the subject of wheels, and particularly the automobile industry. I adopted a WPA Social Realist style and included references to specific works by Diego Rivera. It’s painted in Acrylic on Sign board and the overall dimensions are 92″ x 142″ including the welded polished aluminum frame. There was a nice pamphlet that went with it, which explains each part of the design. You can access it by clicking here. It is currently in the collection of Mr. Francis Letro and Ms. Cindy Abbott.

Labor Matters
Labor Matters

Commissioned Work

Occasionally I do work on commission.